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        Welcome to Japanese Upskirt and Downblouse................

Your source for mostly Japanese, chinese and oriental pictures of hot babes caught in compromising positions. As the title implies, cuties will be bending over and their firmly shaped breasts will be in view. You might catch a glimpse of a nipple so here and there, part of a boob or even a view of some hairy bush.

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When you are done looking at the tits and nipples you can go to the Upskirt section where some long legged ladies will show you their goods. Some of these female commuters on the Osaka bullet train don't even wear panties which makes for a nice shot!   

From the train we'll take you to the beach, shower or hot tub for some nice bikini pictures. These girls are so hot and ready for a cool down, bikini or naked.   

After viewing all these tits, nipples, legs, thighs, pussies and asses your eyes might be swollen and hurtfull so we'll put you in the care of some beautiful sexy nurses.   

Warning: needles and nudity abound.